Our Story

We knew before we were married that God had something big for us to do together.  We knew ministry was a part of that something but didn't know exactly what that would look like.  Through the leading of the Holy Spirit I have been to Africa, on staff with a few different churches, and now we are embarking on a new journey with I61 Ministries.  This whole idea came about as I was sitting in a coffee shop in Denton, TX.  My pastor, two of our worship guys and myself were all sitting there listening to this young man share his story and I was blown away by the Lord's presence in that moment and all that was taking place.  As he finished sharing his story, I heard the Spirit speak to me and say, "Ross I'm near to the brokenhearted and I want you to be too.”  It's as if the Holy Spirit was inviting me to come with Him on a journey.


Well a journey is exactly what we have been embarking on. It is a beautiful journey of the Holy Spirit leading us and guiding us.  Us at times taking our own steps in our own strength for the Lord to then gently guide us back to His path.  What an amazing Father we serve and have the opportunity to be loved on day by day.  He is so patient and kind.  He has continued to lead us, guide us and provide for us.


Two weeks after we stepped off of our church staff position and began to pursue this ministry, the Lord provided three acres of land and a house for us to start the first ministry under I61 called the Freedom House.  The Freedom House is a place where men who are caught and bound in addiction can come, find freedom, encouragement and their God given identity as sons in His kingdom.  Our mission within I61 Ministries is to Encourage the brokenhearted with the hope of the gospel, Equip them for the work of the ministry and Empower them to walk out their identity as sons and daughters of God.  This is exactly what we get to do for men at the Freedom House.  

We are beyond excited for where the Lord has us.  We know there is more to come - more freedom, more identity, more love, more grace, and more avenues for us to encourage, equip and empower the brokenhearted.  This is only the beginning and we look forward to the journey ahead and all that the Father has planned for us.